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Baidu Browser

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Browser Baidu (View Browser Baidu Spark) is a browser based on Chromium, the same Google Chrome browser. Interesting design, flexible skin, good Facebook integration and video download feature makes Baidu a browser(function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’)}};

Like Chrome, but there are even more features

If you use Chrome, add interesting features and edit design, the result will be Browser Baidu.

The software includes the sidebar that gives you accessbookmarks and quick downloads, azoom features to zoom in or out and a Facebook widget that lets you view the real time of your social network.

With the Baidu browser, you can use your mouse to perform user controls to perform some actions, such as:Change, close, or open a new tab, or move forward or back. There are dozens of scenes that are all described in Tools under Tools under Settings. However, you can not create new customer gestures. Visual Studio Code Torrent Download

Browser InterfaceBaidu also provides media buttons that allow you to download videos from the display page.

With other useful features, you can turn off all audio on the tablet, which is a useful feature if you have multiple tabs open and do not know the annoying sound coming from.

Just like inChrome, Baidu browser helps you reach the grid of the most visited websites when you open a new empty tab (new tab).

Lastly, Baidu includes a browser function for capturing screenshots.You can cut a portion of all pages or screens. In addition, it also includes some basic tools to edit images or add text, colors and other features.

Designed for you

The surface is almost the sameChrome, but with a young design. If blue light is not the same as your desire, do not worry, the Baidu Browser includes the other skin you can press the button near the tab bar.

The rest of the sidebar can be opened or closed as needed.The buttons for short screenshots or video downloads can be seen clearly in the sidebar.

Surprising browser

Baidu Browser is usually a very successful browser. Facebook integration works well and the sidebar is useful without disturbing the Internet search.

The functions for video download and screen capture are helpful and always updated.Mouse events are responding to surprise and improved browser performance.

In the end, Baidu browsers are the recommended tips for everyone finding alternatives to Firefox, InternetExplorer and Chrome not only avoiding threats in quality and speed while browsing the website,It will also add accessories to enhance your browsing experience online.


Baidu Browser

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