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Kylie Jenner poses as sexy Marie Antoinette on luxurious photoshoot with Stormi

The 22-year-old lip kit mogul exposed about her beauty kingdom, her relationship with Travis Scott, her desire to get more children and life as being a famous design icon

Kylie Jenner happens to be changed into an attractive contemporary Marie Antoinette for high fashion photoshoot.

The 22-year-old celebrity posed up within the glamorous environment of her Kylie Cosmetics headquarters when it comes to luxurious shoot with Harper’s Bazaar.

Standing seductively near the water cooler, covergirl Kylie revealed off her famous curves in a cut fully out black colored leotard and satin heels.

In homage to Antoinette, Kylie wore a huge blond wig of curls piled in addition to her mind — which she accessorised by way of a glittery bow.

The star was also seen holding one of the personalised Kylie mugs that her army of workers sup from every day in keeping with the office shoot.

Another snap saw on the job mum Kylie joined up with by child Stormi, whom recently celebrated her 2nd birthday celebration.

Kylie had been seen cradling her young girl who was simply adorably wearing a white gown and bonnet when it comes to feel shoot that is vintage.

After another costume modification, Kylie had been photographed apparing making use of the workplace printer while clad in a giant ruffled dress russian bride orders.

The dress that is enormous annexed the entire framework, though people in Kylie’s group had been just visible difficult in the office from the desks behind her.

Speaking about the massive development of her aesthetic business utilizing the mag that is glossy Kylie touched on the very first minute she became conscious of just how much energy she yielded outside the Kardashian title.

She stated: «we constantly knew my children had been a big deal, but me personally, solamente, probably around whenever my pop-ups began. Or whenever I began dyeing my locks cut and blue my hair down, after which everybody else began dyeing their locks blue and cutting it well. And I also ended up being like, ‘Whoa.’ We realised exactly exactly what an impact I had. I became most likely like 16.»

But Kylie stated that despite her billionaire that is self-made status she nevertheless relies greatly on the famous siblings to keep her grounded.

About them of close relationships, Kylie also candidly lifted the lid about what’s happening between her and Travis Scott.

The pair split a year ago but have always been regulars for each other’s social networking feeds leading fans to take a position they may be reconciling.

But Kylie admitted the rapper continues to be quite definitely an ex.

She stated: “We have this kind of great relationship. We’re like close friends. We both love Stormi and wish what’s most useful on her. We stay coordinated and connected. We think of my parents in circumstances with Stormi, whatever they would do. These people were extremely hands-on beside me, and I also want the exact same for Stormi.”

Kylie said despite splitting with the Astroworld singer, she does feel force to possess another youngster.

«My friends all pressure me personally about this. They love Stormi. We feel stress to provide her a sibling, but there’s no plan,” she admitted.



Iraq: German ‘Islamic State’ a schoolgirl that is german went away to participate the «Islamic State» terror group is handed a six-year prison phrase in Iraq, based on news reports. Linda W. had been arrested by Iraqi troops through the battle for Mosul.

A court in Iraq has sentenced German teenager Linda W. to six years in prison on her participation with «Islamic State» (IS) jihadis, German news reported on Sunday.

Citing judicial sources in Baghdad, broadcasters NDR, WDR additionally the Suddeutsche Zeitung paper stated that the 17-year-old was presented with 5 years if you are a user of IS, as well as a year that is extra entering Iraq illegally.

The test were held before a juvenile court in the Iraqi capital and had not been ready to accept the general public, the reports stated. The verdict could maybe maybe maybe not instantly be separately confirmed by authorities in Germany.

Linda W., students through the eastern German city of Pulsnitz, went out of the house in mid-2016 after speaking to extremists on the internet and converting to Islam. In accordance with her account that is own made her solution to Iraq via Turkey and Syria, and married an IS fighter from Chechnya.

Missing daughters in Chechnya

Missing daughters in Chechnya

‘I would like to go back home’

Linda W. ended up being arrested by Iraqi authorities in Mosul final summer time, whenever federal federal government troops drove the extremist team from the city that is northern. She ended up being utilized in a Baghdad jail.

In a televised interview recorded right after her arrest, the young German stated she regretted joining the Islamist militia.

«I would like to go back home to my loved ones,» she stated. «I would like to get free from the war, out of the tools, the sound.»

«I don’t understand the way I developed this type of idea that is dumb. I have entirely ruined my entire life.»

Young ones of IS in Belgium

Kiddies of IS With in Belgium

A huge selection of IS fighters from European countries

Linda is regarded as a huge selection of international feamales in Iraqi custody accused of having links to IS. In an Iraqi court sentenced a German from Mannheim to death for joining the terror group january. The unnamed girl, whom admitted to planing a trip to Syria and Iraq together with her two kids, had been convicted of «offering logistic help and assisting the terrorist team to handle unlawful functions.»

A huge selection of international fighters from European countries joined up with IS after the jihadist group seized big swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria that is neighboring in.

Most of them, including females, had been arrested as Iraqi forces expelled militants from the nation. A number of other IS rebels and their spouses are believed to own escaped capture by mixing in with civilians fleeing the combat.

Baghdad declared triumph against IS with in December, nevertheless the team has continued to handle attacks regarding the populace, including within the money.

Editor’s note: Deutsche Welle is limited by German legislation additionally the German press rule, which stresses the significance of protecting the privacy of suspected crooks or victims and obliges us to keep from exposing full names in these instances.

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