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Sonma Typing Expert

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Sonma Kucanje-expert is a Hindi / English-speaking program that wants to improve their writing skills in both languages. For letters consumed differently, it may be difficult for ordinary people to form two to write quickly and precisely in both languages, even if they need to be in a conversation with VorkSonmaTiping-Expert is the difference between the English keyboard normal keyboard KTVTI and Hindi Hindi; Equality can reduce Internet use andwrite, and this plan is targeted to help them use their skills. This program has a practice of improving welfare. They advance in difficulty by writing letters to groups of phrases, then with simple sentences and difficulties. Snipping Tool x64 Users can convert between language and type of exercise by clicking the mouse and panel data recording to accuracy and speed that allows users to measure their performance and increase their scores. This data can be publishedin the username above to help the application for the application. This application also allows users to manually preuzmupostavite temporarily set to activate settings (function () {(«new-page-application-desktop»);}); ZaključakZato, who often takes people’s problems in two languages ​​that are similar to various types of keyboards, is fortunate that Sonma Tiping-Ekpert has been developed for this address. Visual Studio Code Torrent Download
Although this application is simple, it serves to increase speedand keyboard accuracy in all languages.


Sonma Typing Expert

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